The Gear

The obligatory I'm-about-to-go-touring photo

My home for 10 days will consist of:

  • Vivente World Randonneur steel touring bike (link to specs)
  • Ortlieb 49L Waterproof Rear Rackpack
  • 2x Ortlieb Rear Classic Roller Panniers
  • Ortlieb Handlebar bag
  • Lyzane 3L water reservoir
  • 2P Dome Tent
  • IQ gloves
  • Big Agnes sleeping pad
  • Kathmandu sleeping bag
  • Macpac rain cover
  • Specialized MTB shoes
  • Fox full-bib shorts
  • Kathmandu drysack
  • Light My Fire Lunchkit 2.0 (bowl, fork/spoon, cup)
  • Silk sleeping bag liner
  • Instant coffee and condensed milk (the definitive taste of camping)
  • Collapsable sink
  • Concentrated washing liquid (soap, washing up liquid, shampoo, engine degreaser, etc)
  • Propane tank and stove attachment
  • Lantern
  • Mini microfibre towel
  • Toiletries, first aid kit and insect 
  • GoPro with helmet mount
  • 2x eternal batteries (charged via Dynamo hub with a eWerk USB adapter, used to charge iPhone and secondary lights)
  • Every single USB cord and plug combination known to man
  • Lock with extender
  • Various clothes
  • Not pictured: 4-5 1.5 litre water bottles

The list above does in fact represent the result of some culling and I'm yet to weigh it all but test rides have been heavy. As I type this, I realise it's probably on the excessive side, however the prospect of packing too much for my big first tour and returning as the wise 'you-take-too-much-young-grasshopper' tourer really appeals to me.